Sunday 4 May 2014

Beta R9.0.13 Released

This is a sanity check release, assuming no show stoppers this build will become the R9.0 main release in a couple of days time and all R8 users will be asked to update.

Beta Testers : Please test thoroughly and report everything on the JIRA. All issues from this point are for the R9.1 beta cycle (more info to follow).

A huge thank you to everyone who got in touch here, on G+, Facebook, Twitter and in SL with location suggestions for the release snapshot. The response was amazing.

BETA TESTERS : If you can repeat a bug, it's not SL, it's a bug and we want to know about it.

  • added : extra dictionaries for the spell checker (German, French, Italian and Polish)
  • changed : cleaned up the auto-tooltips for settings driven 
  • changed : 'Auto Replace' list renamed to avoid confusion
  • changed : reworked the Troubleshooting preferences panel (added confirmation / restart messages to the reset user/personal settings)
  • changed : 'Must be logged in' notice to sound alerts options + disabled the panel before logon
  • fixed : [CRASH-9] Crash when trying to view a group session started by someone on your mute list
  • fixed : Editor font selector in the Chat preferences panel isn't working correctly
  • fixed : the 'IM_unblock_only_groups_friends' notification isn't shown when a non-friend IMs with 'VoiceCallsFriendsOnly' set to TRUE
  • fixed : (re)added missing checkbox for the "offline IMs to email" setting
  • fixed : added missing checkbox for the "restore unread IMs" setting
  • fixed : "Request teleport" on the P2P chiclet context menu offers a teleport rather than requesting one

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