Sunday 6 April 2014

Beta R9.0.10 Released

Wow !! This has been a manic few days since we release R9.0.9 with whole mess of things being reported on our JIRA.

A huge huge thank you to everyone who submitted issues, helped us track down problems or tried out the beta and gave feedback. Kitty deserves many scritches having spent her entire weekend fixing most issues as fast as they were reported!

Catznip R9.0.9 > R9.0.10 Beta Changelog
  • fixed : [CRASH-4] Crash when picking 'Close All' from the IM well context menu after 'upgrading' a P2P conversation to a conference
  • fixed : [CRASH-3] Crash when changing the sort order of the legacy participant list after closing a group/conference conversation
  • fixed : viewer stalls when a lot of calling cards are present in inventory
  • added : "<Online friends> / <Total friends>" to the online friends accordion tab title
  • fixed : "Missing String in strings.xml: [ΓΏ]" appears in the log when opening the gestures floater
  • changed : 'ChicletBarAlignment' can be toggled at runtime and no longer requires a restart
  • fixed : [CATZ-96] duplicate 'Conversations..' menu item in the 'Communicate' menu
  • fixed : some of the panel_preferences_chat_translation.xml language files have the wrong closing tag
  • fixed : [CATZ-97] 'View Notices' menu item is active for group 'none'
  • fixed : [CATZ-98] 'Show blocked Residents/Objects' button on the nearby and friends people panel does nothing
  • fixed : [CATZ-95] Missing checkmark in 'Show permissions' options on the friends panel gear menu
  • fixed : word highlights from the inplace search return when extra text is added to the text editor
  • fixed : [CATZ-58] "Typing" is visible in the nametag when bubble chat is enabled for as long as the chat is visible
  • fixed : [CATZ-88] Unable to filter "My Objects" by 'name' or 'description'
  • fixed : [CATZ-99] Export Auto-Replace list wants to Import instead
  • added : [CATZ-102] Ability to scroll the conversations floater tabs with the mouse wheel
  • fixed : [CATZ-100] Unable to delete contents of an object by using Delete key
  • fixed : [CATZ-89] drop down overlaps checkboxes in the Chat IM preferences panel
  • internal : updated thanks section
We're totally overwhelmed at how well things are going and how thorough some people are testing the beta. If you want to get involved. Check out our open beta program.

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