Saturday 5 April 2014

We've been working on the JIRA and going through some of the bug reports submitted for R8.1 making sure we have them ticked off for R9 where we can. Anyone with outstanding R8.1 issues needs to be testing R9.0.9 and getting in touch.

A couple of R9.0.9 Beta users had crashes and Kitty fixed them both. Really good example of users exploring the new UI, crashing and those crash reports actually ending a solid result.

  • fixed : [CRASH-3] Crash when changing the sort order of the legacy participant list after closing a group/conference conversation
  • fixed : [CRASH-4] Crash when picking 'Close All' from the IM well context menu after 'upgrading' a P2P conversation to a conference
There will be an update to R9.0.10 Beta over the weekend.

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