Monday 14 April 2014

Beta R9.0.11 Released

R9.0.11 brings us very very close to being able to declare this round done, beyond any last minute blockers we anticipate that Beta R9.0.13 will become the new Catznip R9.0 public release.

This update vastly improves the updater on both Windows and Linux providing feedback while the update is being downloaded. Beta R9.0.12 is intended to test this and will be pushed in a few days time.

A lot of issues fixed in the release have been reported on our JIRA, it has been really awesome to see the attention to detail and perseverance shown by our testers.

If you haven't already please make an account on the JIRA and report everything, please  do not assume that any problems or weirdness are just 'SL being SL'. REPORT ALL BUGS.

  • fixed : [CRASH-5] Selecting Share from Profile Results in Crash
  • fixed : [CATZ-59] Search/Replace floater has unintuitive tab order
  • fixed : copy/pasting text with an ending line-break  into a text editor control doesn't insert a line break segment
  • changed : use the current selection as the search phrase when opening the inplace editor using Ctrl-F
  • changed : [CATZ-116] Add usernames to avatar picker's Friends tab
  • added : filter editor to the "resider chooser" floater's friends tab
  • fixed : [CATZ-117] The "more information" link appears over the land impact information area, the "Stretch both sides" checkbox has no text in every language except English, the "Grid Options" arrow button shouldn't have a label overlapping the arrow icon.
  • fixed : [CATZ-106] Preference button in media hover opens wrong tab
  • added : gear menu for group conversations also shown when right-clicking the IM tab
  • fixed : [CATZ-109] The beta viewer doesn't show the full version number in Help / About
  • fixed : [CRASH-6] Stack overflow/infinite recursion after call to LLChannelManager::onStartUpToastClose()
  • fixed : [CATZ-112] Sunrise/Midday/Sunday/Midnight can still be checked after switching to region windlight settings
  • fixed : [CATZ-122] First instance of Conversations floater has inactive opacity setting
  • fixed : [CATZ-121] Long display name overlaps the user name on the avatar inspector
  • fixed : [CATZ-127] Taking an object no longer highlights it in inventory
  • fixed : [CATZ-104] Help / Report Bug Points to invalid URL
  • fixed : sorting a group participant list by "Recent Speakers" sorts all participants by name
  • fixed : [CATZ-108] Misaligned text in Profile Picks tab
  • fixed : Translations for me menu avatar status was missing.
  • changed : Updated German menu translations (Thanks Qetesh)
  • added : "Check for Updates" menu item to the main Help menu to trigger a manual update check with user feedback
  • added : floater to track the progress of the updater download, modal when it's a required download and the user is still at the start screen. floater is shown at start-up when the updater resumes the background download
  • changed : only cap the updater download bandwidth once the user has passed the login screen
  • fixed : crash when resuming a download on start-up due to freed memory

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