Sunday 20 April 2014

Beta R9.0.12 Inventory Surge

Kitty has been very productive the last few days while I've been sitting about playing pokemon with my daughter. Beta R9.0.12 will be pushed out to our testers in a couple of days time, little later then we had intended but this is going to be worth the wait.

The big exciting news is that as of R9.0.12 beta, inventory freezes should be a thing of the past, searching inventory is instantaneous and everything just got a little faster because of it. (Fingers Crossed)

R9.0.12 Beta will test the new updater so it is very important everyone is running R9.0.11 

A few bugs that slipped in have been fixed, namely the sudden crash when editing land and the complete lack of German menus (my bad!) a couple of other crashes that cropped up have also been nailed (missing toasts etc) as well as the usual smattering of JIRA issues. Thank you so much everyone who has contributed!

From this point on we are feature frozen and only working on JIRA issues that affect the current release, it is the intention to get to R9.0.13 and all being well, move that over to the actual public release.

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