Wednesday 23 April 2014

Beta R9.0.12 Released

R9.0.12 Is (hopefully) the last update before we switch the main release over with R9.0.13

This update fixes a number of crashes and polishes up some the last little bits before we go live. From this point crashes and show stoppers ONLY. All other issues are now bumped to R9.1, please continue to report but don't expect fixes to be in this release.

A lot of work has been done in making inventory searching faster, please take some time to test this and make sure there are no problems.

This update tests the new in place updater. This should work for both Windows and Linux users. Feedback Please !

  • fixed : [CATZ-131] IM Tab Orientation selector should say "Restart required"
  • fixed : [CATZ-120] URL textbox doesn't use full width of search floater
  • fixed : [CATZ-106] Preference button in media hover opens wrong tab
  • fixed : [CATZ-136] Main menu isn't localized when the language is set to German
  • fixed : [CRASH-7] Crash in LLOutfitsView::setSelectedOutfitByUUID() when logging on with a newly created account
  • fixed : [CRASH-8] Opening the build floater on the land tool crashes the viewer
  • fixed : [CATZ-145] Inventory focus changes tabs when new inventory accepted, additionally creating a new notecard in the "Recent" tab would switch make "All Items" the active tab
  • fixed : [CATZ-141] Some notification toasts aren't showing and are only available under the notification well
  • added : [CATZ-137] Slider for the camera/move floater transparency
  • added : toolbar buttons for group conversations, "View Information", "Show Chat History" and "View Notices"
  • changed : only fetch the feature/GPU table if the file has actually changed
  • fixed : recipient's name is shown on the teleport offer popup when offering a teleport from the nearby people panel while @shownames restricted
  • fixed : viewer slowdown/freezing while searching and/or fetching inventory
  • fixed : secondary inventory floaters move position when creating a new inventory item
  • fixed : inventory items jump/flicker/radically change scroll position when creating a new inventory item
  • fixed : don't send typing start packets to groups or conferences
  • added : New icon for payments
  • added : RLVa German menu translations (Thanks Qetesh)
  • added : New offer TP icon (Thanks Winter Ventura)
  • changed : Updated 20px default person & group icons
  • changed : RLVa debug is now develop. Much sexier.
  • changed : Removed redundant ugly image from redundant media browser floater.
  • changed : Removed some redundant viewer 1 artwork

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